Biotechnology Programs

For Undergraduate Students

Programs offered in-person

B.S. in Translational Life Science Technology (Applied Biotechnology)

UMBC-Shady Grove offers a Bachelor of Science in Translational Life Science Technology (TLST) for undergraduate students who have earned 45 to 60 college credits at a prior institution. First-year students also have the option of beginning their degree at UMBC’s campus in Catonsville and then completing their upper-level biotechnology courses at UMBC-Shady Grove in Rockville, MD.

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Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Program

Qualified UMBC and UMBC-Shady Grove undergraduate students have the option of applying to the biotechnology master’s or graduate certificate programs during their junior or senior year. The accelerated program helps to shorten the time to degree completion by allowing students to earn credit towards a master’s or certificate while finishing their bachelor’s degree.

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For Graduate Students

Programs offered hybrid (in-person and virtual)

M.P.S. in Biotechnology at UMBC-Shady Grove

UMBC-Shady Grove offers a Master of Professional Studies in Biotechnology. UMBC’s M.P.S. programs are specifically geared towards the busy schedules of working professionals and the changing demands of industry needs.

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Graduate Certificates in Biotechnology

UMBC-Shady Grove offers graduate certificates in biotechnology management and biochemical regulatory engineering.

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For Continuing Education Opportunities

Professional Development Courses in Biotechnology

UMBC also offers virtual, non-credit courses for professionals to build their skills and experience. Course topics change based on current topics in the industry.

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Biotechnology Laboratory Courses

Gain hands-on laboratory skills in aseptic techniques, cell culture, basic analytical techniques, biomanufacturing, cell and gene therapy manufacturing and analytics, and more in our laboratory short courses.

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Latest from the biotechnology industry and UMBC

Biotechnology Professionals Needed in Maryland Area

Maryland continues to be a hub for Biotechnology organizations. They need qualified, talented Biotechnology professionals to fill positions. UMBC’s Graduate programs in Biotechnology prepare students to enter this growing workforce.


Opening Doors in Biotechnology through UMBC

One of the best outcomes for a graduate student is to end up in a position within their field due in part to the knowledge they gained in and out of the classroom. Ricardo Tablada ’18, M.P.S. Biotechnology, was able to do just that. Within a short time period of embarking on his learning journey at UMBC, he landed a position at a Biotech firm and began making a difference in the lives of others.


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